My Lead Gen Secret Day 59 Update – $9.530 profit!


My Lead Gen Secret Review Day 59

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My Lead Gen Secret is an all in one platform to help online marketers collect and contact USA business opportunity leads.

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The way that this service works is for $30 per month, just $1 per day My Lead Gen Secret will load 100 new leads per day into your back office.

The affiliate program is optional but by referring just one paid client to the platform the sponsor receives and additional 100 bonus leads per day. So, with this lead generation service customers are given 200 new leads per day with only one referral to the platform.

Data for each unique lead is provided by My Lead Gen Secret. By clicking on the My Leads Tab in the back office each daily list is organized in chronological order. By clicking on browse leads users can view the following data for each and every lead.

The My Lead Gen Secret Mailing System is Easy to Use
In the My Lead Gen back office by clicking on the Mailing System tab customers can access the email editor. For those that use other services like Aweber or GetResponse know that as our client list grows so does your monthly invoice. Here at My Lead Gen Secret the emailer service is included with the $30 monthly fee. I find this to be an incredible value.

Compensation pays 5 Levels Deep based on $29.95 product
Level 1 – $5 per month (direct referrals)
Level 2 – $4 per month
Level 3 – $3 per month
Level 4 – $2 per month
Level 4 – $1 per month